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Things I learned on the way to something else (January edition)

A 2500 mile trip with my best friend of 44 years, West Coast Dan, provided lots of time for stray reading, listening to radio from Des Moines to Wichita to Houston and just about every AM signal we could find along the way, and just plain observation. 

 There were a few things I picked up along the way and now I'm not sure what to do with this new found ,albeit stray, knowledge so I'll share it here.

*  A High Speed Chase with guns involved will draw no fewer than 25 state troopers, sheriff's deputies, township cops and game wardens, no matter if it's in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas or anywhere. No,we weren't involved in the high speed case but we came upon it's aftermath one strange December night just south of Oklahoma City. Great to know wherever you are, law enforcement comes together to serve us. Most of our heroes don't work 8 to 5 but I will never lack admiration for the job they do.

* Apparently if you take a "performance" enhancing drug with a sleazy name that you may have bought at a convenience store or liquor store and you die after or during the performance, your griefing performance partner can sue the company, the FDA and the store that sold you the drug. (Thank you Kansas City Radio for that--That discussion passed the time for at least 90 minutes)

* As hard as we look for bad people wherever we go, if we open our eyes and make an effort, we stumble into awesome people 1.) The nicest Dallas Police officer EVER who gave us a tour of the Cotton Bowl. Took us down the tunnel that Notre Dame and Texas, TCU and Texas A and M, Oklahoma and Alabama and countless others have run through on the way to glory. A glance up toward the press box and I was transported back to a very sunny January 1st  3 decades ago and good memories of people like Lindsey Nelson and Pat Summeral bringing the magic of the Cotton Bowl into our homes--Back to a time when there were a handful of bowl games, the best ones were played during daylight and the bowl games were actually played in "bowls" 2) The city employee in Emporia, Kansas who took time away from taking down some Christmas lights to enlighten us about William Allen White's home, the newspaper office where he once was the pulitzer prize winning editor, a special statue in the park and the elementary school he was so proud to be a graduate of --William Allen White Elementary 3.) The Minnesota fan who so loved his Gophers that when they made the questionable choice of going for 2 instead of the extra point, referred to the move as "  stoopit, stoopit, stoopit"--While we chuckled and smiled at his antics, he probably was right and he provided us with laughs for the 1200 miles ahead of us, on your way back to Badger and Gopher land from deep in the heart of Texas. I figure William H Macy plays him in the movie. Wait a minute, maybe that WAS William H Macy. :)



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