The State Capitol is a Dangerous Place

Considering everything that has happened at our state capitol in the past 2 years let alone the past two weeks, its no wonder I have come to the conclusion that our state capitol is a dangerous place. Not Madison. The capitol itself. From protestors singing off key strange anti-Republican songs and getting arrested, handcuffed in fact, for breaking the rules to that incessant pounding on drums a few months back, the place is bedlam. That isn't even considering the laws our legislators are passing or not passing or budgets our Governor's put into play with the help of legislators. Scary stuff. But even with all of that taken into consideration, thanks to a trip to Wilson Park for Chalkfest I have historical evidence that the state capitol..not this particular one, but one just like it is a DANGEROUS PLACE. Even deadly. It killed a war hero from Wisconsin. A war hero who survived many a battle in war. It was nearly 20 years after the hero's service in America's civil war that this hero died. In our state capitol. Not from any war injury. But from a fire. In 1881. Fire swept through the state capitol. Smoke inhalation killed this war hero. OLD ABE--The American Eagle, mascot for Union troops from Wisconsin in the civil war. Paul Harvey might have said--and NOW you know the rest of the story, but I won't. I'll just say--see, I told you, The State Capitol is a dangerous place.