Things I learned on the way to something else : July

Ah...Summertime and the livin' is READING..a light breeze, a little sunshine, a refreshing beverage and a summer evening of breezing through a stack of magazines, books, newsletters, church bulletins, newspapers..and as always, there's all that stuff you find that you weren't really expecting to find but you learn it anyway and so feel compelled to share it with unsuspecting others,such as yourself..

For instance..

* Air Force Personel responsible for the security of the Secretary of State's plane are referred to as "Ravens" (Conde Nast Traveler)

* In 2011,The # of cars in the world hit 1 Billion (Sierra Magazine)

* The 4 States with the highest Gas Taxes:

1. California  53.6 cents per gallon

2. New York  50.5

3. Connecticutt  49

4. Hawaii  48.7

The lowest by the way are: Alaska, Virginia, New Jersey,South Carolina. (USA Today)


* SNL Alum Bill Hader will replace Robert Downey,Junior as the voice of Mr. Peanut in the Planters Nuts commercials. (Entertainment weekly)


More to come in early August :)