Things I learned on the way to somewhere else- Summer 2013

This entry is particularly random--As My friend Porgy, while channeling Gershwin, once said to Bess ,. " Summertime and the living is easy ! " So lets knock off the heavy lifting and just share a few things I learned while on the way to something else....

* For instance--While clearance clothes shopping at Macy's the other night--WOW--What a music mix.. Yes--That was the Ronettes, then Kay Starr, then a cowboy from the 30's--then Beyonce, then Paul Simon's KODACHROME and then The Green Acres theme..FASHION comes with a price : )

*The term "Nervous Nellie" came about in 1925--used to describe Calvin Coolidge's Cowardly Lion of a Secretary of State Frank Kellogg--What difference does it make,INDEED Mr. Secretary ( TIME Magazine's Anxiety Issue)

*The Stanley Cup weighs 35 pounds and makes grown men cry ( NBC )

* 64 % of us here in the Chippewa Valley call them "crayfish" 22 %  go with "crawfish" (Volume One )

* A Painting of a topless Bea Arthur  sold at auction for $1.9 million. (Entertainment Weekly) And then there's Maude !  ( Stories like this remind me that I should always have the checkbook handy in case I want to do any 70's nostalgic implusive art shopping)

* We can thank New York City for legislating the "setback" into existence in the real estate and architecture world in 1916. ( A Short History of American Democracy--which by the way, at  902 pages doesn't seem all that short)