Things I learned on the way to something else (October Edition)

I like to read. in fact, I guess I LOVE to read--almost as much as I love to YAP, and love to WRITE..So these are a few gems I found along the way when I was no doubt looking for something else. It's much like when you discover the Zebra in the museum instead of the Zoo.

For Instance:

* On November 26th, Sothebys, the big $$$ auction house will auction off one of the finest surviving copies of the Bay Psalm Book, the first book printed in what is now the United States of America. It is expected to go for around $ 30 million.(Treasures, Antique to Modern Collecting)

* The Bakken Region in North Dakota has gone from pumping 74,524 barrels of oil in 2008 to 736,167 in 2013 (TIME )

* Yes, there IS an opera about Anna Nicole Smith, the late PLAYBOY and GUESS JEANS model. Seriously. (New Yorker)

More to come--the stack of magazines and stack of newspapers on the coffee table, the kitchen table, the nightstand, the library table WON'T read themselves. And speaking of that, A and E has cancelled HOARDERS after 6 seasons (Entertainment Weekly )