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Things I learned on the way to something else:May 2013

Here's More Stuff I learned on the way to something else--You know, all those little tidbits of stuff you pick up when you were really browsing through a book, searching for the capital of some Banana Republic or for the root cause of the Spanish-American War-- Its stuff that isn't totally vital but nevertheless, nice to know. (And usable for the next time you get into a shouting match with Alex Trebek)


For instance:

...there are almost 80 million miles of road in the world ( Cadillac ATS AD in May Vanity Fair )

... Paul Anka's Tonight Show theme earned him $ 800,000 in residuals a year--It started out as an Annette Funicello Song, "It's Really Love "  ( Paul Anka's biography MY WAY )

... Neenah Foundry manhole covers can be found underneath the Eiffel Tower and the New World Trade Center ( This is what I get for reading their corporate report online )

... The World's Domino's championships are held in May in Andalusia, Alabama ( Mental Floss magazine )

... Early Laundromats required that you make an appointment ( Saturday Evening Post March/April 2013 )

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