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Things I learned on the way to something else March 2013

It's time again for another thrilling episode of THINGS I LEARNED ON THE WAY TO SOMETHING ELSE..You know, its that stuff you pick up when you're really reading for another reason and you just "glom' onto valuable pieces of information.

For Instance..

Of the Top 10 shows on broadcast tv the week of 2/25/2013 --the only 'scripted" shows in the list were on CBS. FOX,NBC,and ABC did NOT crack the top 10 with a scripted show. (TV GUIDE )

On August 14,1945--The US War Dept. sent out 37,000 telegrams, cancelling 88,000 unfulfilled ammunition orders. In Today's dollars that would be worth right around  $209 BILLION (Noir 40's by Richard Lingeman)

The Borgstrom Brothers from Tremonton,Utah all died in 1944 . in World War Two. In Different branches of the service. In different places. Their bodies did not return home until  July 1948 ( Noir 40's by Richard Lingeman)

Sleepys ( A Mattress retailer) did a survey of Americans recently and it found that 70 % of us would like to switch the daylight savings time  switchover DAY to Saturday @ 2 am from Sunday @ 2 am (USA Today)

Toyota's Prius's name is Latin for TO GO BEFORE ( Schott's Almanac 2011--hey, I bought the book for 1.99 @ Books a Million--I SHOULD read some of  it) 

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