Things I learned on the way to something else-September Edition

Oh Oh. I've been reading again. That can only lead to knowledge,information and YES, tons of trivial little snippets that you MUST dispose of. Thus I offer you this month's offering of "Things I learned on the way to something else ! "

* WalMart says if it were to cut ONE SECOND off of it's average customer check out time in the U.S. It would save 12 MILLION DOLLARS per year ( Wall Street Journal)

* 41 banks have failed so far this year in the U.S. (St. Paul Pioneer Press )

* Al Pacino: AL PA will play JOE PA (Paterno ) in the movie (Some cable networjk--I forget which one) Meanwhile, Pacino will star in a revival of GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS,starting on 10/16. (New Yorker)

* Egypt is the world's largest Wheat Importer. US is the world's largest expoter. However, these days Egypt is getting it's wheat from Russia,Romania and the Ukraine. (Wall St. Journal)