The Inventors of the Wheel and Fire face this too I'm sure

Looks like a third company is entering the fray about frak. A third company wants in on extracting sand from Eau Claire County. What I know about all of this is that i don't know nearly enough about all of this. And maybe many of us doubt. It's a little ways off my radar. So far there aren't dump trucks loaded with freshly mined sand rolling down my street, there isn't a railroad spur encroaching on my begonias and my face isn't wind-whipped by tiny grains of sand. Not yet.

That being said, a thought occured to me. I'm guessing that at some point the inventors of the wheel, fire and guns all faced the same kind of scrutiny. At face value, the wheel seems pretty non-threatening doesn't it? What could go wrong? Wheels on vehicles have been responsible for millions of deaths over the centuries since a lodge brother of Fred Flintstone said ," Hey check this out flintstone--I'll bet this will be useful " . Yes, that's true. The wheel has also saved lives ( wheels on ambulances ALONE is enough evidence for me) and moved civilization forward , in very much a good way. While Detroit isn't the # 4 City it used to be, they still are pretty big believers in the wheel.

What about Fire? It emmits smoke ( toxic) It destroys property ( millions of acres in th past few years alone) and it takes lives. All well worth protesting about. Talk about your environmental impact ! Wow !  Before I get my picket signs out however I will stop to reflect..  Fire heats us, cooks our food, fuels steamships, and makes for a pretty nice get together on a summer night in Wisconsin. Still, I'm sure the inventors of fire had to power through objections.

Progress comes with time and it comes with a price. Sometimes the price is worth it. Sometimes progress is worth the wait. Sometimes progress waits for no man. The Postman always rings twice according to James Cain. Opportunity doesn't always knock twice. 

Let's study. Let's do due diligence. But let's also not block the door to progress. If too many people asked for environmental impact studies of fire,wheels and hundreds of others things we now take for granted, this would be a much different planet than it is now---It wouldn't be dump trucks and railroad cars I'd be encountering on my way into work(I'd be walking or riding an animal of some sort--no wheels remember )--it would be dinosaurs and wooly mammoths.