More things I learned on the way to something else ( Mid-June )

In between bike rides, bonfires, baseball and the beach--we all squueze in some time to read and learn things we didn't know we needed to know. Because maybe we don't absolutely need to know these things but its kinda cool if you do. So use these as your own. If your new found knowledge impresses those around you, good for you !

* The IRS has a contingency plan for collecting taxes again, 30 days after a nuclear attack.(Playboy April '12)

* Moscow has the most billionaires of any city in the world ( Forbes)

* Singapore has proportionately more millionaires than Qatar and Kuwait ( Time, 6/25/12 )

* Paul Menard by placing 22nd in the Quicken Loans 400 earned $ 88,950--about 2 thousand more than Tiger Woods made for his performance in the US OPEN . (Leader-Telegram stats reference--conclusion drawn by me )

*The Game of LIFE--now being used to promote the Toyota Prius--was inspired by a victorian era board game called THE MANSION OF HAPPINESS ( EntertainmentWeekly  6/15/12)

Quote I picked up from TIME " I've been right more than I've been wrong, " Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister.