More Stuff I learned while looking for something else MAY edition

Whether it's at work, at the library, in a waiting room, or at church--There's all kinds of things you can learn while you're actually seeking something else out.

For instance..

* 9 states have no income tax. ( MONEY  4/12)

* Richard Nixon liked to put ketchup on his cottage cheese ( MENTAL FLOSS  May/June 2011)

* I'll Have Another is the first horse to win from the 19th position. And the horse's name has nothing to do with the booze. Nope. It's what the horse's owner always says when his wife asks, "Do you want any more cookies?" He says, "I'll Have Another" ( Associated Press May 6,2012)

* George Lindsey, GOOBER died at the age of 83 over the weekend. As an actor, his character once Shot Marshall Matt Dillon on GUNSMOKE. ( Google)

* Dick Clark's Predecessor on AMERICAN BANDSTAND whehn it was on WFIL in Philadelphia, lost his gig after being arrested for drunk driving. ( Entertainment Weekly)

Just a little something-something to get your week started :)

Look for a special bonus edition coming later this month.