We ALL have a dog in this fight

Last Sunday afternoon I enjoyed an afternoon at Nugget Lake County Park in Pierce County. The egg salad was delicious and spending time with family was awesome BUT that's not what I called you all here for. I saw a little "dog drama" play out in front of me that reminds me a bit of how things are going in FORWARD WISCONSIN. A little brittany or springer spaniel on a leash was off for a little walk--so far so good..Next on the scene, a playful,well meaning retriever type, eager to please but he was a bit of a dog in a dish shop. So the retriever mistook the spaniel's moves as a " Well Hi,  Bud, how ya doin? ".. a little skirmish ensued with owners fretting and pulling their dogs back. Next on the scene-- a mastiff type and a bulldog type.. they without saying a word went eyeball to eyeball with the spaniel ,seemingly to say, without saying " He's with us. Backoff. Do we have an understanding?" (Without getting all Marlon Brando/Elia Kazan on you--I felt like it was your typical New York waterfront longshoreman behavior) Everybody backed down--went on their way--crisis averted.

Nice story Murph, what's your point?  My point is this--it's getting harder to tell the thugs from the bullies--the well-meaning public servants from the oafish meddlers--Those who pick a fight, and those who will join a fight, even if it isn't their fight to join.

If you're looking for a fair fight, the spaniel should have been unleased and he and the retriever should have worked it out themselves. They may have become best of friends if all the outside influences were kept away from the action. But they weren't. I'm not saying the dogs were from out of state. I'm not saying they had some kind of canine union affiliations. I'm not even saying that the dog owners were providing some kind of nanny state by getting in the middle of this dog squabble. If you can draw that conclusion, have at it.

The point is: Whether we accept, embrace, join, ignore, dismiss or engage in this fight, We ALL have a dog in this fight. Whether we like it or not. At one time as a taxpayer I used to think that maybe I held the leash. Not so much anymore.

Note: The spaniel pictured is NOT the spaniel mentioned in the aattached story. That dog and the others remain anonymous.