More Stuff I learned on the way to something else LATE MAY EDITION

In between the sweltering heat, and the rainshowers, I found some time this weekend to do some more random reading that led me in one direction but had me ending up in another. So rather than share the volumes of "focussed" research I did this weekend ( as if ) Here's some of that random info I hope you can use to win a bar bet, or maybe start a bar fight,whatever works best for you.

* Bugsy Siegel was shot on a Friday Night in June after eating at a seafood restaurant in Ocean Park, California. He picked up an early copy of the LA TIMES that was stamped " Good Night. Sleep Well, with compliments of Jack " ( from James Kaplan's THE VOICE about Frank Sinatra )

* Pat O'Brien, Sean Hannity's favorite liberal will host tennis coverage at the London Olympics for NBC's BRAVO. (USA Today 5-16-2012)

*North Dakota has now passed Alaska to become the # 2 Oil producing state, behind only Texas. (Wall Street Journal, NY Times,various sources)

*According to the NHL, Arena temps should be kept at 60 degrees ( USA Today 5/16/2012)

* Look for an uptick in births in and around 11-29-2012 ( do the math and a quick lesson in human studies and look back to the leap day blizzard of 2012)