More Stuff I learned on the way to looking something else up APRIL Edition

You know how it is. You're looking up something on the habitat of antelope in Wyoming ( who isn't ?) and BAM--There it is. Information that's pretty cool, just not needed RIGHT NOW. So until I cleverly find a way to work this stuff into a conversation, I'll share it with you.


* Baylor is the first NCAA Womens Team to reach 40 wins in a season (Time)

* The Ceremonial Crown of the  National Cherry Blossom Festival Queen is encrusted with 1,585 pearls (American History 4/2012)

* 25 Megatons: The explosive force of the biggest nuclear bomb built by the U.S. That's nearly 1,700 times as powerful as the device detonated at Hiroshima. ( American History 4/2012)

* Paul Menard went  to the now extinct Mt. Washington Elementary School (Wisconsin West )

* May 5.2012 is National Free Comic Book day ( Wikipedia )

* Only 1 of the top 10 NCAA Men's Water Polo Teams is NOT based in California. It's # 4 Arizona State. (USA TODAY)

* 31 Presidents lost at least one race during their political careers ( American History 12/2011)