Thanks in part to you I'm not going naked on Fridays

Every Friday, since Mid January, I've been wearing a RED SHIRT on Friday to support, salute and remember our troops, their families--Those that are deployed, those returning, those who have served us in the past. Its a small thing I'm doing PLUS I'm setting aside $ 5 every Friday to give to those groups that do the most good for our troops, especially those in this area.

Places like Trinity Equestrian Center--Places like UNMET Needs-- Places like the VFW and American Legion--People in the County Veterans Service Offices.

Thank you for your participation. Wearing a red shirt, donating books or clothing or food, or your TIME are all appreciated.If you would like me to wear a red shirt from YOUR organization, company, Boy Scout Troop, Volleyball Team, Kickball Team or Fraternal organization I would be honored to do it.

You can connect with me at (715) 852-2667 or

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