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Who's DIS-ing who ?

As we are facing the most contentious Presidential election in MY lifetime,  (Kennedy/Nixon and Truman/Dewey pre-date me a bit) I am trying to boil down what it is about this particular go round that has me in such a funk. I started to ask myself this question:  Who's DIS-ing who?

Have we in America created a culture based on dishonesty, and  disorganization that has led us to no small degree of both disinterest and disenchantment, At the core, it's more gutteral than all that. This is Disgust. Dissatisfaction. This could be just a journey through the dictionary if it weren't what we really feel. What Middle America feels. What the disenfranchised feel. It's a campaign of distraction. At some level its Disney fantasy but at others it's just plain disappointment. So before I get fully behind any candidate and their cadre of disciples, I will ask--and I'm meaning no disrespect here--Who's DIS-ing who here ? While you and those who fund you are trashing your opponent, "winning" debates and getting your sanctimonious points across, I am not feeling the love, the concern, the compassion, or even the  willingness to do what it takes to effectively lead. Disregard for what I want, what I need, how I live. Distance from who we really are and what has to happen everyday in our lives to make things happen. Disdain for who we really are, what we believe in. Distorting what we really care about. and Discarding the notion that we may just be smart enough to figure out how you are Dishing the dirt. When you pander to us, its disingenous. When you mislead us, its disgraceful. The prospects for you changing any time soon area dismal.

But then again I'm just a voter with a regular job as a talk show host in Middle America. Who am I to dissect something as important as the future of our country.

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