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Things I learned on the way to something else August Edition

I'll start by letting you know I won't fill this entry up with all kinds of stuff I learned while trying to watch something ELSE on the Olympics--You start by wanting to watch a swim meet and end up learning things about Water Polo, Team HandBall, and Track Cycling that you never intended to learn ( or even needed to )

If any of these little tidbits win you a bar bet or bragging rights at the next family reunion, in your own quiet way , you can thank me or blame me, whichever is to your advantage.

Stephen King's next novel JOYLAND set at a fictional  North Carolina Theme Park will be released in June 2013 (Vanity Fair)

7 percent of 50 yearolds get the news from the radio ( Esquire)

What does Unsub stand for? ( Unknown subject of an investigation-- as featured on CRIMINAL MINDS, CBS)

in 1957 Miami, Larry King was a disc jockey/personality on WAHR--while USA TODAY Founder Al Neuharth was a cub reporter for the Miami Herald ( USA TODAY)

None of us is smarter than all of us--quote from Minnesota's Iron Range Governor Rudy Perpich

Paul Menard's Birthday is August 21. He'll be 32


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