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The Cheesehead and the Chowderhead

Ok, before you go and get all offended on me, let me explain the title.

Paul Ryan-1st District Congressman, Janesville Native, Packer fan and the first WISCONSITE to be on the national ticket (Apologies to Bob LaFollette and Patrick Lucey) --A Wisconsin guy through and through ( although we forgive him for chasing off to Miami of Ohio for some book learnin')  : CHEESEHEAD

Mitt Romney-Former Massaachusetts Governor. MA is all but the birthplace of New England Clam Chowder. My guess is the Guv has had a bowl or two himself. Thus: CHOWDERHEAD

US News a World Report called it a Risky Choice, well before Mitt Romney made the announcement from the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Virginia this Saturday Morning ( 8/11/2012) Although word was spreading through Apps, tweets, gadgets and the tv chatfests well before most of us could get the first few bites of Wheaties digested.

Interesting that Mitt didn't go with the Minnesota Nice Juggernaut that is Tim Pawlenty. If you look in the dictionary, his name isn't next to the word VANILLA--His BIO is. Interesting too that Mitt didn't pick Rob Portman of Ohio. According to USA TODAY, No republican has even wont he Presidency without taking Ohio. And Ohio is pretty good at picking winners--last time they botched it was in 1960 when they chose Nixon over Kennedy.

Is it just me or are you stoked for the Biden-Ryan debates? The Scranton Scrapper versus the Janeviille Jabber in a bare knuckles brawl ( My running mate can beat up your running mate ! )

Running mates win you elections ( or do they? Sarah Palin? Geraldine Ferraro? Lloyd Bentsen? John Edwards?) But unless you've got the political/military clout and savvy of Dick Cheney--there isn't that much to do once you get the gig.

Ryan might have been better served as Treasury Secretary, Budget Director or even Chief of Staff. or is this Ryan's trip down the aisle as a bridesmaid--strutting his finest to show America he is fit to be our bride in 2016 or 2020?

I'll say this much--When something POSITIVE Happens to one of our favorite sons in Wisconsin, it's a good thing.

It might even be something Wisconsin Democrats and Wisconsin Republicans can agree on.

Ok, let's not get carried away.




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