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More stuff I learned on the way to looking for something else March Edition

Here's more stuff  I learned on the way to looking for what I was really looking for:

The Odds for assembling a perfect March Madness bracket: 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 (PLAYBOY) I usually stop counting when we get into the kazillions.

The Full Male cast of DINER? Can you name it? I can NOW ,thanks to (VANITY FAIR)  Tim Daly, Mickey Rourke, Daniel Stern, Kevin Bacon, Steve Guttenberg, Paul Reiser. Bonus: Full Name of the DINER: The Fells Point Diner.

April 16th The Pulitzer Prize for fiction will be announced. ( Unfortunately, a Joe Biden campaign speech is NOT nominated)

Ladies: Looking for a Guy ? Consider JAPAN. 61 percent of the men are single. ( TIME 2/27/2012)

Women who play online games are happier with their sex life : Harris Interactive and GameHouse Survey (SELF MARCH 2012)

May 5-Opening Day of Phoenix Park Farmer's Market  in Eau Claire (GOOGLE)

There are 2,466 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame-The Muppets are the latest (USA TODAY)

Israel's president SHIMON PERE is the first cousin of LAUREN BACALL ( TIME  4/2/2012)





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