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Oh Baby !

What is it about a baby ?

You can be going along, just doing all those things, good and bad, you have to do in a day. Then, for a few moments, the world changes.

I held a baby yesterday. Very new "product'--less than 4 hours old. Yes, he looked like Winston Churchill (most of them do) but there I was basking in two of my best friend's joy, holding their new little bundle of joy and I'm thinking....(Insert Charlie Brown thought  bubble here) Wow-This will stop you dead in your tracks won't it ?

The mundane rattlings of my typical day seemed a little, well..MUNDANE . I wanted to say," Hello people, new arrival, a new journey has begun--How about that ?" I didn't, but I wanted to.

My expierience yesterday at Sacred Heart Hospital wasn't life changing, but it was life affirming. I'll try not to get all Elton John/Tim Rice on you but there it was, interupting my ordinary day--The Circle of Life.

For all the talk of the world ending, I saw the world beginning. A new voice emerging. A creature that will chart its own course and affect the rest of the planet in its own way. And that's pretty cool.

 And it was much better than anything on TV last night.


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