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Another Friday, Another Red Shirt

Thank you for your encouragement. It's a little thing I'm doing that I hope will inspire others to do even more. Every Friday I wear a red shirt to salute and remember our military heroes, those still deployed, those coming home and those who have been home and need our help. Yes, the $ 5 a week I set aside doesn't seem like much but at the end I'll have $ 250 to donate to Veterans organizations that I could have easily blown on all kinds of things I don't need ( Although, all things considered the SI Swimsuit Issue is a MUST HAVE) This week I went with the SpongeBob Squarepants shirt I got a few days after my Dad passed away in 2003. My Dad served in the US Army in the Aleutians. My brother Mike served in the US Navy. My step brother David did the same. My cousin Ann flies Helicopters into harms way in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. I swell with pride when I consider the sacrifices they made so I can continue to do something I love to do everyday. It's important to REMEMBER our heroes, and give them a pat on the back but lets do what's real--lets help them out--let's get them the education they need, let's hire them, let's offer them loans.If its clothing they need and we have clothing to spare ( and most of us do ) let's do that. In the upcoming weeks I will connect you with some of the causes doing the most good for Veterans here at home in the Chippewa Valley. This week it's UNMET I personally have participated with this charitable cause that helps to fill the gaps for military families. Our friends at Burger King support this effort whole heartedly and here in the Chippewa Valley, My friend Mike De Rosa leads the charge. Thanks BK, Thanks Mike and Thanks UNMET NEEDS.

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