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Red Shirt Friday Rocks !

A listener tipped me off to the awesome movement that is RED SHIRT FRIDAY--Thanks to some gentle nudging by NICKY THE BULL, who listens on his way to dropping off his son (THE CALF) at the Bus Stop, I have decided to wear a red shirt every Friday to support our troops,our returning Veterans, those heroes and families that are in need. In addition to that, I've decided to "kick it up a notch" like Emeril might say. I am setting aside $ 5 every Friday to give to veterans organizations in the area, people that can really help like the VFW, Unmet Needs,  American Legion,Trinity Equestrian Center,etc. Because as our heroes return, they need our support--emotionally,physically,spirtually, economically and yes, financially. Now, I did the math but not all that well but lets say I put $ 5 aside every Friday--end of the year I'm close to $250 --that doesn't go that far BUT imagine if 1000 of us did that. Yeah,that would be $ 250,000--Quarter of a Million Dollars--That could change some lives I'm thinking. I will be "modeling" a different Red Shirt every Friday so if you or your company/organization/fraternity/bowling league have a shirt you'd like me to wear, just give me a heads up--I'll be reaching out to plenty of my pals who have lots of red in their company colors. Now, if you want to do the money thing, thats up to you on your own,seriously. I don't plan on getting all preachy about this--in fact, what you do may come in the form of helping a Veterans family--maybe you have books, or clothing or food to give, maybe you can help reroof their house to help out,etc. IT ALL COUNTS. NICKY THE BULL started this with a phonecall and an email--thanks Nicky-- My friend and colleague Bob Bosold who has a son in the military reminded me that RED SHIRT FRIDAY is great if we wear red shirts in support, even BETTER if we all come together to do something to improve their situation now that they're home, or soon will be. I agree. And I plan on having a lot of fun making new friends doing this.  In the coming weeks, I'll be featuring some of the organizations that can help our heroes through this blog. As for the $ 5 I will be giving up--Really, a sacrifice well worth making even if it means one less mocha choca latte or one less New York Times Sunday edition ( I'll just have to find the crossword on line.)  Thanks !    Murph

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