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Lessons we learn from Ice Cream

I started learning lessons from the first time I got myself one of those big Dairy Stop Cones in Red Wing,Minnesota. (Mighta been Dairy Queen or Tastee-Freeze but that's a detail that doesn't matter all that much) The Ice Cold Vanilla Ice Cream was delicious,but overwhelming.It put me right to work. I had to work all edges of the cone. Lick. Lick. Lick. I had a meltdown staring me in the face, the first of many I have faced in my life and in my career. I had to stay focussed. I had to keep working. And yet it was so tasty good, I couldn't help but enjoy it. Maybe it taught me that work, purpose and focus aren't all painful. They do have their rewards but we have to keep after it. Where do you suppose the phrase, " We've just about got this licked" came from?  Not to get all Forrest Gump on you but ..Life, and the challenges it brings, is similar to that ice cream cone I faced as a child. Keep after it. Chop away it,lick by lick. Enjoy it,it goes fast--but man, is it delicious !  

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