Things I learned on the way to something else-November 1st edition
Posted 11/1/2012 3:33:00 PM

Here's more of the random kind of information you snag while searching for something else.

I started by looking through AMERICAN HISTORY magazine, October Issue, researching WHY Thomas Jefferson was so fond of employing slaves--what I learned , in a seperate snippet is that there have been two major league baseball players that have died of on field injuries--Doc Powers crashed into a wall while playing for the Philadelphia Athletics in 1909..Ray Chapman died after being struck by a pitch while playing for the Cleveland Indians in 1920..

I was looking for some information about one of my favorite artists Thomas Hart Benton in AMERICAN ARTIST magazine,( I visited his home in Kansas City last year) and discovered that 2012 mark's the 110th Anniversary of one of the few sculpture's to ever play a prominent role in American Sitcom History. Rodin's THE THINKER featured in The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.

We were flipping through channels at the in-laws.moving from It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on ABC (Which I love but have seen no fewer than 37 times) to Nature on PBS--Mitt Romney MAY feel differently but I was greatly enlightened by Raccoon Nation--I learned that most "urban" raccoons never stray more than 3 blocks. They can live most of their lives in that 3 block area, provided there's plenty of garbage cans to break into. I also learned that YES--Automobiles are the # 1 cause of death of raccoons followed by High Blood Pressure..eating TRASH not exactly a cholesterol-free/sugar free/sodium free diet. Way down on the list is smoking. You hardly ever see a raccoon smoking, but if you do, call me :)

More AMERICAN HISTORY info : the term GOLD STAR MOTHERS was coined by Woodrow Wilson.

TV Guide shared this with me (they're so nice that way ) On Friday 11/9--look for at least 4 college basketball games to be played on the decks of aircraft carriers, battleships or one military bases. One is on the deck of the USS Midway which I toured when I was in San Diego a couple years ago. I,of course, was doing some in-depth research on when Miley Cyrus would be making a guest appearance again on Two and a Half Men.




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