Things I learned on the way to learning something else Late October edition
Posted 10/26/2012 11:06:00 AM

Time for another look at those interesting little things you find when you're searching for something else..for instance..

* Winnipeg is the Murder Capital of Canada ( CBC radio, while searching for the World Series on radio the other night) 

* You can  actually buy Tammy Baldwin Merchandise on her website. Marketting Politicians like rock stars, or candy bars for that matter. You can buy Hats,Mugs, Golf Shirts, Hoodies, T-Shirts, Longsleeved T's --seriously all  online. Joke from the peanut gallery: I voted for a liberal and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. 

* The DOW is down 600 points in the last 30 days. ( At Your Service-Protecting Your Profits on WAYY ) 

* Speed is the second leading cause of traffic fatalities in Wisconsin. Alcohol Related Traffic Fatalities are the leading cause of death. (

* Sculpture Tour " People's Choice "  winner was THE BLIND SPOT created by local artist Dan Massopust--Its @ the corner of Barstow and Lake. ( Leader-Telegram) 

* GIANT--based on Wisconsin Author Edna Ferber's novel is being made into a Broadway Musical, opening in November. (New Yorker)

* Eisenhower averaged an approval rating of 65 % . (TIME)  Imagine Ike in the age of Ipads, Facebook, Twitter, a Myriad of Cable Networks. 

* December 10 will be Fed Ex's busiest shipping day of the year ( Milwaukee Journal ) 

* In the past 26 presidential elections, when the American League Team wins 59 % of the time, the Republican candidate prevails--when the national league team wins, 67 % of the time  the democratic candidate prevails. ( CNBC Business news) 

* Since 1940, the outcome of the redskins last game before the elction has correctly predicted the outcome of the Presidential election 17 out of 18 times, If the Redskins LOSE, The challenger wins. The Redskins play Carolina's Panthers on November 4th. ( This I picked up on an interweb search--it was featured in articles from several credible sources) 

* Federal Dollars ( from Government) provided 12 % of PBS' budget in 2010 ( Something from the newly designed and horrible looking USA Today ) 

* The Chevy Impala, the last car with bench seats is being benched. SUV's and Trucks will still have them. That is the last place that Girls will look Hot in trucks ( LOVE AND THEFT musical reference) ( ABC Radio news) 

Posted By: John Murphy  

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