What I think of these cats
Posted 10/17/2012 6:12:00 AM

Over at my place, we have 3 male cats. For the most part they get along and yet there is still plenty of preening, posturing, hissing, territorial marking,etc. More than enough. That's what Tuesday Night's smackdown in Long Island reminded me of. More stingers than zingers. There was prowling, pouncing, sniping, biting , a little clawing. All with Candy Crowley there to occasionally reach in to seperate the two of them.Respect was at a premium  ( Sit Down Governor !  Oh sit down, you'll get your chance,etc.) There was that one moment when Ms. Crowley was dangerously close to having to break up a chest bumping testosterone tussle. If only we knew enough to declaw them. Fact Checkers were working overtime into the night and I'm not sure if we ever really know what the real facts are--Its come down to: what facts do we start to accept? It may be even what facts we SETTLE for. The problem with getting into the middle of a cat fight is that those who try to intervene get bit, clawed, kicked, hissed at --It's unwinnable, unenviable, uncalled for and unacceptable. When the two of you are done chasing each other around the room, could you get back to the business of working on America's problems ?

Posted By: John Murphy  

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