Questions that wives and Mothers in Law ask you that drive you crazy--Part 1
Posted 8/30/2012 6:45:00 AM

Oh,admit it. You know what I'm talking about. You're minding your own business, eating chips and salsa, playing a card game, listening to some Michael Buble and then the Missus (or in some case her Mom) launches into it. The question you have no answer for. Its always something strange, something google-able BUT there you are--no device nearby, where's my laptop? Where's a research librarian when you need one? How will my image as a Know it all about all things mundane and trivial be protected ? I don't take it to Sheldon level on Big Bang Theory, but plant a question and my trivial pursuit-esque curiousity bubbles over. So, here's the question which happened sometime between picking up a caramel frappe (no whip/no drizzle) at McDonalds and unloading groceries out of the car.

I wonder how rare it is to have a fuil moon on  a Friday the 13th ?

So, of course I went to something called and found this. Of course I did.

 What dates will Friday the 13th and a Full moon be on the same days? Here are past and future Friday the 13th days with full moons

Friday Mar 13th 1903

Friday Oct 13th 1905

Friday Jun 13th 1919

Friday Jan 13th 1922

Friday Nov 13th 1970

Friday Jul 13th 1984

Friday Feb 13th 1987

Friday Mar 13th 1998

Friday Oct 13th 2000

Friday Jun 13th 2014

Friday Aug 13th 2049

Friday Apr 13th 2063

Friday Nov 13th 2065
I eagerly await  the next question that will drive me crazy, sending me on a "quest" for information. That's why they call it a "quest".

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