All of us birds have a song to sing !
Posted 7/10/2012 6:44:00 AM

It was awfully noisy over at my place the other morning. At about quarter to 5, with the windows wide open, the bird's sweet symphony began. The crosstalk amongst at least 15 different species of birds was so everyday and nonetheless remarkable. They sang in different languages,with different tones. Some of the birds come from faraway. Some have never left their homes here. I'm sure some sing with joy, some with frustration, some with triumph. Some are simply singing , "I'm here ! I'm here !Some are trying stand out,some simply want to blend in. And yet, inspite of their differences,they still sing. They sing with one another.They sing to understand and to be understood. I'm sure these birds have their differences: Some have bigger nests, some collect more worms than others, some have prettier feathers. And yet, they still sing. They sing TOGETHER. All of us birds have a song to sing. And it's time we started singing.



Posted By: John Murphy  

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