Air Staff: John Murphy

John Murphy is co-host of The Valley's Morning News on NewsTalk 790, serving as host since 2003. John started his career in radio in 1976 while still in high school in Red Wing, MN, and attended the Brown Institute School of Broadcasting in 1978. His career has taken him to Burlington, CO; Rochester, MN; and Neenah, WI, before landing at WAYY in 1982. Since then, John has been featured on the morning show of WAYY sister station WAXX 104.5, being nominated with George House for the Marconi Small Market and Country Music Association Radio Personality of the Year Award on multiple occasions, and winning the CMA Award in 1993. John was also the inaugural reporter for WAYY's Traffic Eye updates in 2002, and hosted "Murphy In The Morning" on WAYY in 2003.

He has been married to his lovely wife Juli since 1985, and they have three cats: Floxer, Lucky and Sherman.

John Murphy's Blog

Things I learned on the way to something else--May edition Just a few scattered pieces of information I glommed onto while browsing through the likes of VANITY FAIR, NEW YORKER, NEWSWEEK, TIME, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY. a couple of garden equipment catalogues and a church bulletin or two. * SCORPION which premieres this Fall on CBS will mark the first time since 1948 that a sitcom hasn't appeared Monday Nights at 8 Central on the Tiffany Network. (TV GUIDE) * It takes roughly 8 times longer to move oil through pipelines than it does shipping it via rail. (TIME ) * "Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children-" Sitting Bull ( posted on the wall in Hibbard Hall at UW Eau Claire ) * Kenneth Feld, CEO of Feld Entertainment, producer of Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus and Disney on Ice, runs 3 to 5 miles a adya and reads 4 to 5 papers a day (FORTUNE)
  • Feeding the Ducks 6-4-2015

    Mr. and Mrs. Mallard are "summering" at our home. Our front yard more specifically. They drop by once or twice a day, eat some corn and bird seed that were really intended for the chickadees and bluebirds. I'm really enjoying their visits. I've been watching them a bit voyeuristically . They are committed to one another. They've got each other's back. Romance in Nature, all right there in my front yard. I've thought about taking dozens of pictures and posting them on facebook,etc. but I decided against it.

    It is nice to expierience life and to Not always document it. My Mom used to have a great phrase for all those times on summer vacations when she didn't have time to get the camera out, or the batteries weren't working, or we didn't have film or we just didn't bring the camera with us.

    "Take a picture in your mind "

    This got to me thinking about all the "forced interactions" we seem to conduct--things we do to make us seem more connected, more alive, more involved in each others lives. Selfies, hand-shaking with complete strangers, living someone else's life vicariously through facebook,etc.

    One of the best things you can do to improve my life is to live your life well. I can't, won't and do not plan on pretending to believe that I control your choices, your decisions, your beliefs--or that you control mine.

    Back to the ducks. If we spend all of our time just feeding the ducks, the swan starves. Reaching for the lowest hanging fruit every time gains us the same results. The Ducks keep coming back--because they can.Because we encourage them to come back. We train other creatures how to treat us by the way we treat them.


    By the way--the pictures of the ducks featured are NOT the Mr. and Mrs. Mallard I know. There is some kind of privacy clause that prevents the publication of such pictures.Could it be that even the ducks have lawyered up ?

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  • Things I learned on the way to somewhere else-May Edition

    As temps starting rocking 80 in May here in Western Wisconsin, i find myself reading a lot more on the deck, than in the man cave ( Like I have a ManCave, I wish) or the livingroom. That's a good thing. Here's a few things I stumbled across on the way to learning something else that was more vital--or at least more interesting/useful at the time. Use these sparingly. This kind of random knowledge is dangerous in the wrong hands. Read More


The Supreme Court's decision on marriage equality--your take ?
Yay !
NO Way !
I don't know what to say
It won't stick and it won't stay
The law of the land rules the day
It MAY be the Supreme Court but States shouldn't Obey
Voting is restricted to one vote every 1 hour(s) .