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Thursday morning co-host
Marty Green started in commercial radio at age 18 at WEAW in Evanston, Illinois, while also working for United Artists Pictures in public relations.  He was the youngest Program Director in South Carolina in 1962 and this is where he began his sales career at WORG.  Marty came to Wisconsin in 1966 in Sales at WLUK-TV in Green Bay, and he served as on-field producer for Green Bay Packers pre-season, state-wide telecasts.

The remainder of Marty’s career was spent in Eau Claire from 1976 to 2003.  He was the National Sales Manager for Central Radio Group, and during his tenure with WAXX, the station won both a CMA and Marconi Station of the Year award.  On the programming side, Marty served as General Manager of WAYY and WEAQ.  Marty brought News/Talk Radio to Western Wisconsin in 1990 on WAYY.  He served on the board of directors of the WBA for 11 years and was Chairman in 1997, in addition to sering on the board of the National Association of Talk Show Hosts in the 1990s.  In 2006, Marty was elected to The Wisconsin Broadcaster Association Hall of Fame after a 40+ year career in Illinois, Texas, South Carolina, and the last 30+ years in Wisconsin.

After his retirement in 2003, Marty formed Marsan Consulting to work with small-market, independently-owned radio stations in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.  Marty has loved broadcasting since he was five years old and continues to mentor many young broadcasters.  He also served on the Eau Claire Redevelopment Board and was twice president of the Eau
Eau Claire Optimist Club.

Besides radio, Marty (Mr. Cub) has a passion for BASEBALL.  He served as the Goodwill Ambassador for the Eau Claire Express of the Northwoods Baseball League, and also continues to volunteer for various charitable organizations in the Chippewa Valley.  He was Co-Chair of MAJEC Movement for an Affordable Jail in Eau Claire in 2010.

Marty's Musings

The thoughts of NewsTalk 790 Today Thursday co-host Marty Green.

    First of all I do believe in our Public Schools in Wisconsin in-general. But when they become so bad -- such as in Milwaukee and Racine area -- I do feel that vouchers serve a purpose to help those parents. When they talked about stopping vouchers, many people showed up at a meeting demanding to keep them in the Milwaukee area. However, I don’t think it is needed throughout the state {My Opinion}. I think we need to find a way to help the rural schools, or they will fold or merge.

    The big thing I am against is how our public schools were taken over by the Unions and the Democratic Party. I am totally against any political party or union doing that. As a result the unions brought things like ACT 10 on themselves. I am not against teachers, as they have a tough job. I am against political opinions drifting into our classrooms. I was really against our former Supt. Heileman giving a political {Anti-Walker} speech on the Capitol steps {and then defending it to me}. “I AM A CITIZEN.”

    I think it is a shame when a student is poked fun of for having a conservative point or opinion. I think it’s a shame when students have told me they are afraid to express their opinion. It gets worse in many University settings. Students should be able to voice their opinion in a social studies or history class without fear of getting a bad grade. YOU CALL THAT EDUCATION? That is one of the reasons home schooling became so popular. Then charter private schools started. Now granted, some these were ill-conceived and actually took the money and ran. Many of our private schools are very good. 2 of our children graduated from Regis and 1 from North. All 3 have turned out to be very productive citizens in Ohio and Colorado. One has garnered a Masters Degree following her Education at Regis…UW-Stout and Xavier University in Ohio.

    These Private Schools can’t be worse than some of our Public Schools in Milwaukee and Racine.. Read More

    love the game of Baseball. In fact, it was only sport I ever actually played.  I played in, believe it or not…The Mayor Daley Little League on Chicago’s Northside. Mort Lowery, a Chicago Policeman, was our Coach.  Their team once played at Wrigley Field against a team from Great Lakes Naval Training Center and actually got a hit off Johnny Podres of the Dodgers.  Well, watching this year's Little League World Series took me back to those years, as that team from my home town…The Jackie Robinson Little League team from Chi-Town… made us proud.  South Korea won the Championship, but those kids from Chi-Town won our hearts.  The teamwork that I learned playing {Catcher} carried over to my broadcasting career as well. Read More

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As back to school begins: Are parents MORE or LESS involved in their kids lives than they were ,say , 25 years ago ?
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really depends on the parents, some are much more involved, some less involved
It doesn't matter if they are or aren't, kids will be kids and that's just the way it is.
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