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"Luc & The Captain" Co-Host/Wednesday Morning Contributor & Back-Up Regular Co-Host of "790 Today"



Luc Anthony is the co-host of "Luc & The Captain" with Dan Kasper on 790 WAYY, as well as a "790 Today" Wednesday morning guest contributor from 7:30 - 9:30 with John & Bob, plus John's backup in the host chair.  Luc's been a member of the 790 WAYY team since 2001 in various roles.  You could say Luc's grown-up with the station;  his father, WBA Hall Of Famer John Hoffland, was News Director for WAYY combined with WAXX and WEAU 13 in the early 1980s when Luc was a young kid.  Luc's a longtime Eau Claire resident and Luther College graduate, and currently serves as the sports columnist ("Athletic Aesthetic") for Volume One in Eau Claire.  He has called play-by-play for assorted sports at college and in the Eau Claire area off and on since the late 1990s, and also hosted "Sportsvue" on Community Television from 2001-07 and on ESPN 1150 from 2007-10 and 2013-14.  You can hear Luc as well on sister station Bob FM 99.9 from 6-9 a.m. weekday mornings.

Luc's "Athletic Aesthetic" Volume One Column

Luc's "Athletic Aesthetic" Volume One Column

  • Expressing Success

    (Originally published in Volume One.)  The winter and spring of 2005 was a time of slightly nervous anticipation in the Eau Claire area. The previous year, the city had been awarded its first notable organized-league sports franchise in decades, and now came the moment when we would know if our city could once again support something akin to the minor leagues. We built it – the team, the Fan Deck – but would they come? They sure did. Read More
  • Bucking into View

    (Originally published in Volume One.)  A funny thing happened as the state sports scene segued into spring. Two of our national professional teams, both from Milwaukee, switched positions in terms of the impalpable “buzz.” Switched-up: the Bucks. Switched-down: the Brewers. The potential exists that no switching the opposite way may occur for quite some time. Read More
  • Heartbreak Feels Familiar

    (Originally published in Volume One.)  Scrolling through my assorted social media feeds late the evening of the NCAA National Championship, I came across a post from one of my Facebook friends. He made an apropos comparison for the 2015 Badgers, a comparison that put the legacy of this unique year in proper perspective: They are our generation’s 1982 Milwaukee Brewers. Read More
  • Throwback Threads

    (Originally published in Volume One.)  In the summer of 1999, I found my target on the Internet, my holy grail of baseball jerseys: the red/orange/yellow rainbow-striped 1970s/’80s-era Houston Astros home top, in this case with the number and name of the most-recognizable player to don the “Tequila sunrise,” Nolan Ryan. For a little over $100, I could finally possess the most-garish of the “double knit” period of baseball uniforms and a full-on guilty pleasure of mine. Alas, the price seemed a little out of range for my college-age budget, and I passed. Read More


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