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"The Captain" Dan Kasper is the co-host "Luc & The Captain" weekdays at 9:30 a.m. on 790 WAYY. He has written for many different publications and has been featured on websites like He has also published a book, "The Green Bay Packers Ultimate Fan Handbook", which covers everything for the everyday Packers fan. Dan is also a member of the Professional Football Writers of America and National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association. He has been involved in the NFL scouting classes through the National Football Post.

The Hard Count With Dan

The Hard Count with Dan

  • Packers Offseason Outlook

    It’s never too early to look ahead at the upcoming offseason for the Green Bay Packers. Even though the season ended with bitter disappointment, the Packers have a lot to look forward to. But, they also have a lot of decisions to make and questions to answer. Below is my offseason outlook on some of the coaches, free agency, and the draft. Read More
  • Don't blame it all on McCarthy

    For the first 55 minutes of the NFC Championship game, the Green Bay Packers could not have played much better against what many figured was a superior opponent. The Packers were beating the defending Super Bowl champions in the toughest place to play in the NFL in the NFC championship game. A game no one gave the Packers any chance at winning. Then, we all know the rest. Green Bay blew a 12 point lead in the final minutes of the game. Read More
  • NFL Head Coaching Predictions

    It’s clockwork. Every year there is always some openings in the NFL for head coaching positions. This year, there are six teams looking for new coaches to lead their teams to Super Bowl championships. Below are the six teams who currently have openings and my predictions of who will be their new head mans for the 2015 season. Read More
  • Packers Playoff Scenarios

    Confused by the possible playoff scenarios for the Green Bay Packers? Don’t understand the tiebreaker rules? Don’t worry, I did the work for you! Here are the simplest scenarios for the Packers to make the playoffs at different playoff seeds. Read More
  • Thompson the Gambler

    The rich keep on getting richer and that is defiantly looking like the case for the offense of the Green Bay Packers. Ted Thompson might of struck gold again with his offensive draft picks this season, which is ironic since the man played linebacker during his NFL career. Read More

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