Air Staff: Mike Ness


News Reporter/anchor
Mike is in the early stages of his radio career. Mike was hired as the afternoon news anchor/reporter in September, 2011; a month after earning his AAS-Radio Broadcasting degree from Brown College, and finishing a 12 month internship at KDWB in the Twin Cities. While working in the Mid-West Family Broadcasting news department during the day, Mike also works as an on-air personality by night for sister station WAXX 104.5. You might also run into him in person at various restaurants in the Chippewa Valley hosting Team Trivia shows.

Mike's passion for radio came to be at a young age. By his sophomore year at New Richmond High School, he decided he would pursue a career in radio. Mike grew up in New Richmond with one sister Amanda, cats Junior and Kitty, and Dachshunds Sonya and Mo. He currently lives in Eau Claire.


Donald Trump has signed the GOP Loyalty pledge. What do you think it means?
It means what it says--he is loyal to the GOP and won't run against the GOP as a 3rd Party candidate
It doesn't mean a thing but it did give Trump some awesome TV time
Its no doubt all "lawyered up" so there's lots of wiggle room. Contracts are meant to be broken.Trump knows that.
Its more like "signing" papers--If Trump's the real deal they don't want this big fish to get away
Publicity stunt--but it seems to be working.
So Trump needs to sign a loyalty pledge--don't the other candidates ?
Loyalty pledges. Birth certififcates. I long for simpler times when we admired and trusted our leaders.
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